Vegetarian & vegan

Tasty and healthy options now abound in Malaga for those who want to go meat-free or who are conscious about looking out for the future of our planet.

yummy helados malaga

YUMMY Heladería

While the Malaga vegan scene is constantly expanding, finding vegan ice cream can still be a challenge. However, now there’s one place that stands out: Yummy Heladería. Located in the heart of the city centre, not only does it offer a variety of flavours for both vegans and non-vegans, but it also caters to gluten-free diets, making it a perfect destination for those with diverse dietary requirements. Conveniently situated near the Cathedral, Yummy Heladería not only offers ice cream but […]
gloria hoyos

Gloria Hoyos

On the up-and-coming Calle Carretería this tapas bar and restaurant can be enjoyed at any time of day, whether for brunch, a ‘menú del día’ or even an evening drink. It may be small, but the owners of Gloria Hoyos have found creative solutions to get maximum seating space, whether through the long, beer-hall style tables, the sofas or seating at the bar. The menu consists primarily of Spanish dishes given a new and refreshing twist. For breakfast there are […]
canadu malaga

Cañadú Vegetariano

For vegetarians and any other health-conscious individuals seeking a memorable dining experience in Malaga, Cañadú is a must-visit. Nestled in the bustling Plaza de la Merced, this restaurant boasts an enticing selection of imaginative, ecological and mouthwatering dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients. One standout dish that demands attention is the Persian rice, a delightful combination of wholemeal rice, almonds, mushrooms, tofu, basil and aromatic spices. Equally enticing are the soy cakes in tomato sauce, served alongside crispy French fries, […]
bun and coffee malaga

Bun and Coffee

Bun and Coffee is a cosy coffee and doughnut shop that’s a must-visit for all vegans with a sweet tooth! Located between the Cathedral and the Picasso Museum, this unassuming café specialises in fluffy, vegan doughnuts made fresh every day. Among the various tempting flavours, three stand out. The Triple Biscoff doughnut, with Biscoff crumbs, glaze and filling; the Peanut Butter Jelly; and the White Chocolate Brownie doughnut with vegan white chocolate and brownie chunks. The café offers a few […]
Meet Vegano Malaga

Meet Vegano

Meet Vegano is a 100% plant-based restaurant located in the city centre, between Calle Larios and Calle Nueva. Since its opening in February 2022, it has gained popularity among both locals and tourists, becoming a must-visit spot for plant-based food enthusiasts. The restaurant’s success reflects the growing demand for plant-based cuisine and the thriving vegan food scene in Malaga. Creative dishes from around the world The menu at Meet Vegano offers a variety of creative dishes inspired by different cuisines […]
espacio sala malaga vegetarian restaurant

Espacio Salâ

With a fresh and revitalized concept, Espacio Salâ provides guests with a daily menu consisting of three delectable dishes. Located on the western bank of the Guadalmedina river, opposite the city centre, in a minimalist space, this restaurant takes a modern approach by sharing the daily recipes on its Instagram account (which the chef can tailor to accommodate specific intolerances and preferences). At Espacio Salâ, patrons can indulge in culinary delights such as aromatic basmati rice accompanied by flavorful spiced […]

Brunchit Coffee & Kitchen

Want to get your day started the right way? Brunchit now has three locations in Malaga city centre. As the name suggests, you can tuck into a big breakfast or brunch, choosing from a menu that includes sandwiches, pancakes, scrambled eggs, toast with charcuterie and much more. If it’s a little later in the day, order a burger, a pizza, a salad bowl… or tuck into something sweet. Enjoy a slice of cake, a pastry or a cookie with a nice […]
El Calafate Malaga

El Calafate Restaurante Vegetariano

There were few vegetarians in Malaga when El Calafate first opened its doors in 2010. It became one of the first eateries in Malaga to have no meat on the menu. In fact, this gap in the market was the primary reason they began their business. Located in the charming Entorno Thyssen, El Calafate is a small and charming restaurant with few tables and a quiet atmosphere. Principally the menu is Mediterranean-inspired with fusion elements, offering daily menus with starters […]
Mimo vegan malaga

MIMO Vegan Bistro

Now pursuing their latest venture on Avenida Manuel Agustín Heredia in the Soho area of Malaga, MIMO Vegan is back with a brand-new restaurant. This establishment prides itself on offering a fully vegan menu that is free from gluten and sugar. The culinary creations at MIMO Vegan Bistro predominantly showcase locally sourced vegetables, ensuring a fresh and sustainable dining experience. As they only use season ingredients, the menu undergoes a refreshing update every three months. MIMO takes a unique approach […]
Vegan-te La Siria malaga

Vegan-té ”La Siria”

If you’re a fan of Middle-Eastern cuisine and find yourself in Malaga, Vegan-té ”La Siria” is a must-visit 100% plant-based restaurant. Situated near the María Zambrano train station, Vegan-té ”La Siria” offers a cosy dining experience with both indoor and outdoor seating, as well as takeaway options. Operating at both lunchtime and in the evening, depending on the day (check opening hours), this restaurant offers a vegan menu with some gluten-free choices. Classic dishes like hummus, pita bread, mutabbal (aubergine […]
el vegetariano de la alcazabilla malaga

El Vegetariano de Alcazabilla

Situated at the base of the Alcazaba, beside the Albéniz cinema, Vegetariano de Alcazabilla holds the esteemed title of being the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Malaga. Its establishment dates back to 1996, when Amalia Boerr first opened its doors. Today, her children continue to operate the restaurant, offering a delightful fusion of Swiss-German, Italian, Spanish, Argentinian and Arabic culinary influences. The restaurant’s menu showcases a wide array of homemade recipes, encompassing delectable starters, flavourful specials and an assortment of enticing […]
La Vegana Malaga

La Vegana

Tucked away just off Plaza de la Merced, La Vegana lives up to its name by delighting visitors with a remarkable array of 100% vegan versions of traditional tapas. This bar opened in 2019 and among its most popular dishes is the tortilla de patatas, the recipe for which is a “house secret”. Here, visitors can also savour vegan renditions of beloved dishes such as Russian salad, fried vegetables, patatas bravas (fried potatoes with spicy sauce) and even gambas al […]
recyclo bike cafe

Recyclo Bike Café

This quirky bike shop, which doubles up as a restaurant and bar, is a big favourite in Malaga. Located on the bustling Plaza Enrique García-Herrera, Recyclo Bike Café is a convenient meeting place as it is both in the city centre and close to all the bus stops and train stations. Its outdoor terrace is fantastic on those summer evenings for a casual drink with friends but equally its air-conditioned and quirky interior is popular during the daytime, either as a spot […]
noviembre calle álamos malaga

Noviembre Healthy Food

At Noviembre Healthy Food, the name says it all, right? Located on the bustling Calle Álamos, close to Plaza de la Merced, Noviembre is a charming restaurant with interior design inspired by the hippy havens of Bali, Ibiza and Tarifa. Its cafe-style menu is full of dishes made from fresh, healthy and natural ingredients, with no artificial colourings or flavourings, and plenty of options for vegans, vegetarians and celiacs. Open throughout the day, here you can find an uplifting breakfast, […]
de-sal malaga brunch


DESAL CAFÉ, now in its new plant-filled industrial-vibe location on Calle Ollerías, has recently extended its offering beyond just breakfast, brunch and natural juices. Grab a coffee, pastry or loaded toast with optional extras for a light breakfast, or go all out and order eggs benedict, a salad or sandwich for a yummy brunch. Come lunchtime, DESAL CAFÉ also offers a set menú del día with tasty yet healthy options. But, before you go, don’t forget dessert! We can confirm that […]