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Malaga is a city full of boutiques and second-hand shops where you can find more interesting and unusual books, vinyls, CDs and much more…

Librería Códice malaga

Librería Códice

Librería Códice is everything that comes to mind when you hear the words “second-hand bookshop”: piles and piles of well-loved books, organised according to a cryptic system that only the owner truly understands, and that classic old book smell. This bookshop is one for the true booklover, offering a wide selection of the best novels from various world literatures, curated by the helpful owner, Rogelio, as well as books on poetry, art and cinema. There’s also a good chance of […]
casa del libro header 2

Casa del Libro

One of Spain’s largest bookshop chains, Casa del Libro, has a store on Calle Nueva, which has three floors of brand-new books in every genre imaginable, including a great selection of English books on the third floor. They stock a few well-known classics, as well as offering the best new and trending releases from contemporary authors. There’s also a reading area, so you can try your choices before you buy. Can’t find the exact book you’re looking for? No problem – […]
lib luces

Librería Luces

Librería Luces is an independent bookshop on Malaga’s Alameda Principal. Founded in 2003 by Pilar Villasana and José Antonio Ruiz, they have worked hard ever since to reignite Malaga’s passion for the written word. And their mission has been a success, as Librería Luces now counts itself as one of Malaga’s main cultural hubs. The store hosts events such as book launches, signings and readings, which are advertised on their website, and has been influential in bringing back Malaga’s Feria […]
el corte inglés malaga

El Corte Inglés

You can’t miss the massive El Corte Inglés when entering Malaga from the west up the grand Avenida de Andalucía. Nor if you’re on pretty much any rooftop in the city. Especially around Christmas time when adorned with its famous illuminations. Though not local to Malaga (it was founded in Madrid in 1934) El Corte Inglés is a symbol across Spain. In fact, it is currently the biggest department store group in Europe. Fashion for everyone With its vast floor […]
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Re-Read Librería

This Spain-wide chain of second-hand bookshops has a store on Calle Victoria, just off Plaza de la Merced. Unlike a typical second-hand bookshop, the books in Re-Read are neatly organised and displayed beautifully according to genre and author, so that upon first entering the store you may think you’ve found yourself in another of Spain’s big commercial bookshop chains. What sets Re-Read apart, though, is its affordability. As founder Nicolás says, “The concept behind Re-Read is very simple: to offer […]
julians books fuengirola

Julian’s Books (Fuengirola)

A short coastal train ride away from Malaga’s city centre is the beach town of Fuengirola, a popular destination for summer tourists and British and Scandinavian expats seeking a warmer climate and slower pace of life. There’s a large international community here year-round, and it’s just as common to hear English, Finnish or Russian spoken in the streets as it is to hear Spanish. Founded by one of these expats back in 1966, Julian’s Books is a real gem, hidden […]
mapas y compania

Mapas y Compañía

Just passing through the doors of Mapas y Compañía is like embarking on a journey. And that’s exactly the idea. This bookshop is filled wall to wall with maps and globes in all styles and colours and is bound to stir up a feeling of wanderlust. According to Mapas y Compañía themselves, this bookshop “specialises in helping readers and travellers prepare, remember and research their journeys” and creates an atmosphere “where you can lose track of time and let your […]