5 June 2023

Restaurante Coreano Chingu

If you’re craving authentic Korean cuisine in Malaga, look no further than Chingu! With a diverse menu, authentic flavours and a modern-yet-cosy ambience, your server will take you on a culinary journey through the flavours of Korea (if you dare!) At Chingu, they serve a wide array of dishes that showcase the true essence of Korean cuisine, from delicious classics like bulgogi (marinated grilled beef), bibimbap (mixed rice bowl), haemul pajeon (seafood pancake) and kimchi (fermented vegetables) to the full […]
22 May 2023

Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga

The Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga is one of Malaga’s main attractions in terms of visitor numbers. Opened in 2011, it brings together one of the most important collections of Spanish and Andalusian painting from the early 19th century to the early modern period in the 20th century, encompassing some of the main movements in Spanish art during this period, such as landscape and folkloristic painting. There are also a number of other interesting temporary exhibitions to be seen in this […]
8 May 2023

El Pimpi

No trip to Malaga is complete without a visit to El Pimpi. The restaurant-bodega features in all of the guidebooks and ‘top 10s’ you can imagine, mostly because it’s a Malaga institution with an unparalleled location (and superb outside terrace with views of the Alcazaba), but also because standards remain high despite it becoming something of a tourist hotspot these days. Its grandiose appearance, with decades-old bullfighting posters, internal patios, exposed wooden beams and stone archways, might make it appear […]
6 May 2023

Casa Aranda

Casa Aranda is one of Malaga’s ‘churrerías’ par excellence. (Frespañol anyone?!) Established almost 100 years ago, this historic café has two branches in the historic centre, both relatively close to each other. Its exceptional quality and location, teamed with local prices, means that all these years later, Casa Aranda is still very much a favourite with local people. If you’re a beginner, a churro is a curved, fried stick of dough. In Malaga, they are typically of the ‘porra‘ type (quite […]
26 March 2023

Why’s there an obelisk in Plaza de la Merced?

Anyone who has visited Plaza de la Merced will have doubtless spotted the enormous obelisk located right in its centre. However, you may be surprised to find out that it actually sits atop a mass grave. It contains the remains of General José María de Torrijos y Uriarte, and 48 others, who were put to death after leading an ill-fated expedition to overthrow King Ferdinand VII of Spain in 1831. Who was Ferdinand VII? In 1813, Ferdinand VII was restored […]
26 March 2023

Semana Santa: Easter in Malaga

Semana Santa (Holy Week, or simply Easter Week in English) is not just a religious festival, it’s a deep-rooted tradition dating back centuries. This week-long event brings together whole communities and has in recent decades become a major tourist attraction, especially in the major cities in the south of Spain, such as Malaga and Seville. In Malaga during this week, the city is paralysed by religious fervour. So if you’re counting on getting around without problems, or expecting to have […]
25 March 2023

Plaza de la Merced

Plaza de la Merced is one of the largest and most iconic public squares in Malaga city centre. The square has been a key part of the city since the Roman era, operating as a marketplace since at least the fifteenth century. This beautiful square is a must-see for many different reasons: Picasso’s birthplace Firstly, Plaza de la Merced is the birthplace of none other than Pablo Picasso. Malaga’s most famous son was born in the house on the most […]
12 March 2023

Central Beers Craft Beer & Food

Central Beers is a craft brewery right in Malaga city centre, on the semi-pedestrianised Calle Cárcer. In a modern yet inviting setting, Central Beers has a brew for everyone’s taste. With 15 rotating taps (check the screens for information about taste, where it’s from etc.) and more than 150 other bottles, there’s something for even the most discerning beer lover. Both Spanish and a broad range of imported beers are paired with a simple food menu, comprising burgers, wraps, sandwiches, […]
12 March 2023

Cervecería Untertürkheim

If you’re looking for an international flavour as you take a break from soaking in the sun at the beach, pop into the impossible-to-pronounce Cervecería Untertürkheim. The German-style bar (or rather Central European-style) on La Malagueta beach has a vast selection of both bottled and draught beers. Imported beers As well as local Spanish beers, they also have a menu boasting several pages of imported beers from Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, the UK and many more. Use your pint […]
6 March 2023

La Polivalente

La Polivalente is a popular venue in the arty-yet-edgy Lagunillas area of the city. The bar is a diamond in this somewhat rough neighbourhood located between Plaza de la Merced and Plaza de la Victoria. It’s a real melting pot for artistic types, with the venue offering a full schedule of shows and live music. This almost impossibly small bar, with an embracing bohemian vibe, also puts on exhibitions by local artists. Its mission, they say, is to “create a meeting […]
6 March 2023

Teatro Romano de Málaga (Roman Theatre)

Located at the foot of the Alcazaba on the ornate Calle Alcazabilla, are the remains of Malaga’s Roman Theatre (teatro romano). Dating from the early years of the Roman Empire, like Ancient Greek theatres its design makes use of the hillside for the tiered seating. A large part of the seating remains, as does the orchestra area, decorated with large marble slabs. A chance discovery The theatre was only rediscovered in 1951 during work to create a new garden area. […]
6 March 2023

24-hour pharmacies

When the worse comes to worst and you need medication outside of normal working hours, there are a handful of options available to you in the city. If it’s an emergency, of course you should go directly to the Urgencias department of the closest hospital. The closest to Malaga city centre is the Hospital Regional Universitario (formerly Carlos Haya). If you need to see a doctor but it’s not an emergency, there are a number of health centres (centros de […]
6 March 2023

El Corte Inglés

You can’t miss the massive El Corte Inglés when entering Malaga from the west up the grand Avenida de Andalucía. Nor if you’re on pretty much any rooftop in the city. Especially around Christmas time when adorned with its famous illuminations. Though not local to Malaga (it was founded in Madrid in 1934) El Corte Inglés is a symbol across Spain. In fact, it is currently the biggest department store group in Europe. Fashion for everyone With its vast floor […]
6 March 2023

Veganized Non Toxic Fashion

Veganized Non Toxic Fashion is a store like no other in Malaga. It was started by a couple, Melanie and Ulrich, who have one objective: to play an active part in the creation of a more sustainable world. “We have seen that a lot of people are looking for alternatives to mass production that doesn’t respect the environment […] where only a few people reap the benefits through corruption and cruel and inhumane ways.” What they propose is “an alternative […]
6 March 2023

Museo Picasso Málaga

The Picasso Museum is, without doubt, one of the most popular attractions in Malaga. This museum, dedicated to the work and life of Pablo Picasso, Malaga’s most famous citizen, is located in the narrow streets of the former Jewish quarter (judería) in the Buenavista Palace (El Palacio de los Condes de Buenavista). The Museo Picasso Málaga and its collection are a response to Pablo Picasso’s wish for his work to be displayed in the city where he was born on 25 […]
6 March 2023

Out-of-hours healthcare

Not all medical issues can wait. In fact, a lot of them happen at the most inconvenient times. Luckily, there are a three medical centres (‘centros de salud’) which are open out of hours for emergency treatment. From 8pm to 8am from Monday to Friday, and 24 hours at weekends and on public holidays, these health centres operate exclusively as Emergency departments (Urgencias). Of course, arriving without an appointment, you are likely to have to wait to be seen so […]
19 February 2023

Santa Coffee

Santa Coffee (formerly Santa Canela) struck upon a winning formula when they opened their first café in the Soho district. With Malaga life lived almost entirely outside, they converted their small indoor space just off the Alamada into a special coffee lab and roastery (where they make sure to meet the highest standards of specialty coffee) and turned the big outdoor terrace into a cosy seating area. Complete with heaters and blankets, you can continue to watch the world go […]
18 February 2023

February 28th: Día de Andalucía, a celebration of regional identity

Every year, Día de Andalucía (Andalucía Day) is celebrated on February 28th. The day marks the anniversary of the 1980 referendum in which the people voted for the region of Andalucía to become an Autonomous Community of Spain. It’s marked by a number of official events and distinctions, including the naming of Hijos Predilectos (Favourite Children) and awarding Medallas de Andalucía (Medals of Andalucía), for local-born personalities and community organisations. Seville, the focal point As to be expected, much of […]
12 February 2023

La Noche en Blanco de Málaga

Over 200 different events, including free access to museums, art galleries, concerts and theatres are scheduled every year for the annual ‘Noche en Blanco’ (White Night). There is always a special ambience around the city as many cultural institutions, normally shut in the evenings, open up their doors to the public and have large queues of people waiting outside. For fans of live music, many open-air concerts take place in various spots, including in Plaza de la Constitución, in Plaza […]
1 February 2023

Malaga Carnival, the first big party of the year

After the Christmas and Kings’ festivities are out of the way, we have to wait until around mid-February for the next big party of the year in Malaga. That said, it’s a big one. Like in many towns and cities across Spain, the Carnaval de Málaga is a big deal – a week-long celebration filled with music and colour. Much like Holy Week, the date of the carnival changes every year. In this case, it falls on the week before […]
25 January 2023

Massage UNYC Málaga

If you’re searching for a massage therapist that can help you to recover from an injury, you care about your health and want to take regular care of your well-being, or you’re looking to achieve deep relaxation and an escape from the daily rush, head over to Massage UNYC Málaga. Located right in the city centre, this oasis of calm and healing is the perfect place for you to come and take a break from the outside world. The English-speaking […]
3 January 2023

Día de Reyes: The day the Three Kings come bearing Christmas presents in Spain

The Christmas festivities in Spain don’t officially come to a close until January 6th when Los Reyes Magos (the Three Kings or Wise Men) come from the East bearing gifts. It’s a national holiday in Spain (yes, another!) and is definitely the most popular among children as this is when they receive their holiday gifts. Although many families will also now give gifts on Christmas Day, Día de Reyes is when the biggest, most-anticipated presents arrive. Cabalgata de Reyes Across […]
12 December 2022

Tapeo de Cervantes

El Tapeo de Cervantes, named after its proximity to the theatre of the same name, is a mainstay on the Malaga culinary scene. It’s the original of what is now a group of Argentinian-run restaurants, which includes El Mesón de Cervantes and El Descorche de Cervantes, both around the corner. Unlike those two dining rooms, at El Tapeo, as the name suggests, it’s all about sharing tapas in this much smaller, more informal bar. Enjoy traditional Spanish food with an […]
11 December 2022

La Recova

La Recova is pretty hard to define. Even when you’re stood right outside, looking at it. The sign says it’s a café… and yet there are pots, pans, crockery and other peculiar items (a bicycle, a record player and bird cages!) for sale in and around the doorway. The truth is, it’s an eclectic mix between a café and a homeware store with products all sourced from in and around Malaga province. Even though it’s tucked away in a small […]
10 December 2022

Julieta Coffee / La Bella Julieta

Bagels! You thought you’d seen the last of them when you came to Málaga, didn’t you? But no… Not only does La Bella Julieta do bagels, they have a delicious range of sandwiches in all kinds of bread. Add to that delicious cakes, pastries, coffee and juices, and your breakfast, brunch and lunch needs are all taken care of. Despite an impossibly long menu, the offering here is great if you know what you’re looking for. Failing that, go up […]
10 December 2022

El Farolito

For those who just can’t get enough of red meat, we can think of no better spot than El Farolito. This Argentinian (of course!) steakhouse has a warm, cosy interior, which quickly gets crowded on the weekend. Nonetheless, guests are made to feel welcome by a passionate team eager to find the best cut for you. They’ll take time to explain the different cuts, where they come from, and how they’re best cooked. Portions are generous and most come accompanied […]
10 December 2022

Café Berlin

This little German-run café provides a surprising tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Located right in front of the Revello de Toro museum, this bar is the perfect stop-off point for a coffee and a pastel de nata, or even a slice of cake or quiche. It’s just a stone’s throw from the Museum of Malaga and the cathedral so it’s a nice pit stop for exploring the monuments. What’s more, the shady outdoor terrace […]
10 December 2022

Getting the bus in Malaga city

Getting around Malaga by bus is a relatively easy process. Empresa Malagueña de Transportes (EMT) boasts an extensive bus network, with most areas on the city reachable by a single bus from the Alameda, the main boulevard at the bottom of Calle Larios. Paying for the bus If you are in Malaga for a short period of time, you can pay the driver directly for your bus journey. One ride costs 1.40€ per person (correct as of December 2022). If […]
10 December 2022

Malaga’s sport city: Ciudad Deportiva de Carranque

“City” is no an exaggeration when it comes to the Ciudad Deportiva de Carranque. This sports complex is enormous! In fact, this elite level facility is used by local amateur and pro athletes but it’s also open to the general public. It’s ideal for those who want to get a proper workout, using proper facilities, but who don’t want to (or can’t) commit to a gym membership. Carranque has practically everything you need: a running track, indoor and outdoor pools, a […]
22 November 2022

Los Gatos

Located in the popular Plaza Uncibay, you might not spot it at first through the crowds of people either trying to squeeze in or filling the stools outside. One of the most popular restaurants in the city and for good reason: simple Spanish food done well, whether meat or fish. Given that it’s always so busy, make sure you’re not just popping in for a quick bite – you’re in it for the long haul here, especially as most dishes […]
1 November 2022

November 1st: Día de Todos los Santos, Spain’s Day of the Dead

Across much of the Latin world, November 1st is a massive occasion. Día de Todos los Santos (or All Saints’ Day in English) directly follows Halloween and is a public holiday in Spain. It’s a day when families and individuals remember those who have died; one during which cemeteries across the country fill up with those who wish to pay a visit to their loved ones’ final resting places. In some cases, especially if the person has recently died, or […]
10 October 2022

October 12th: Fiesta Nacional, Spain’s controversial National Day

October 12th marks the Fiesta Nacional of Spain, a national holiday that commemorates the exact date when Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas in 1492. Previously known as Día de la Hispanidad (or Hispanic Day), this is one of Spain’s two biggest national holidays (along with Constitution Day on December 6th) and events are broadcast on national television and radio. In Madrid, the King of Spain supervises the raising of the national flag and presides over the massive […]
16 September 2022

HELAS – Restaurante Griego

If you fancy swapping the Alboran for the Aegean, HELAS – Restaurante Griego is an excellent option. Run by a Greek couple who moved their operation from Seville, this quiet little back-alley restaurant very quickly fills up the street every evening with diners who wish to make the most of the rather secluded outside terrace. Just minutes from the busy Calle Compañía and Plaza de la Constitución, HELAS transports you to Greece with its vast offering of dishes. Start off […]
5 September 2022

Noviembre Healthy Food

At Noviembre Healthy Food, the name says it all, right? Located on the bustling Calle Álamos, close to Plaza de la Merced, Noviembre is a charming restaurant with interior design inspired by the hippy havens of Bali, Ibiza and Tarifa. Its cafe-style menu is full of dishes made from fresh, healthy and natural ingredients, with no artificial colourings or flavourings, and plenty of options for vegans, vegetarians and celiacs. Open throughout the day, here you can find an uplifting breakfast, […]
5 September 2022

Ñanduti by Dora Ortiz

Ñanduti by Dora Ortiz is a little, hidden treasure in the El Perchel area on the western side of the river in Malaga. This charming establishment, located close to the Puente del Carmen, is a mecca for lovers of pastry and anything sweet. “We only use top-quality ingredients and make our bread in-house daily,” they explain on their Facebook page. Tasty artisanal sweet treats, accompanied by creative coffees, are this business’ forte. That said, they also offer great savoury brunches, […]
5 September 2022


That’s amore! Voted the best pizza place in Malaga in 2019, Pizzamore is a safe bet for an evening meal or a takeaway night-in. Located just around the corner from Plaza de la Merced, Pizzamore can be easily reached from anywhere within the Historic Centre. The menu has a vast selection of dishes, all made, they say, with 100% Italian products – albeit with something of a Spanish touch. Order yourself one of the many Italian wines on offer and […]
3 September 2022

Fiel de Fechos

This place is a feast both for the stomach and the eyes. Fiel de Fechos, tucked away in a small side street between the Cathedral and the bustling Calle Granada, can only be described in one way: spectacular. Roses on the ceiling invite you in, then bright lights and zany 70s patterns lead you to one of the ornate bar stools or tables. Should you need the toilet, first you must pass through the devil’s mouth. Wherever you look, there’s […]
30 August 2022

Malaga Fashion Week – Pasarela Larios

Malaga Fashion Week takes over the city centre for a weekend every September. This now yearly event brings together fashion designers from all across the continent, with almost a hundred international models showcasing designs by major names, albeit with a special focus on local designers such as Rafael Urquízar, Sandra Rojas Novias and Abraham Zambrana. The Pasarela Larios catwalk is the biggest part of the celebrations and takes over the entirety of the iconic Calle Larios for two consecutive evenings. […]
30 August 2022

Sabor a Nápoles

Fancy a light bite? An after-work Aperol spritz? Or a full sit-down dinner? Whatever you fancy, Sabor a Nápoles is a worthwhile stop. This unassuming tiny eatery now has two locations, one close to Malagueta beach and another on Calle Victoria. With just a few inside tables, if you’re lucky enough to get one, soak up the Napolitan vibes and take your time to process the extensive menu or look at the open deli-style fridges to see what takes your […]
1 August 2022

Getting on the ‘padrón’ in Malaga

If you’re going to stay in Spain indefinitely, you should get yourself registered on the ‘padrón’ (population census). This is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, this can be used as proof that you have been residing in the city and, secondly, this will allow you to sign up for a number of services such as private health insurance, gym memberships and phone contracts. What’s more, the government uses the data from the padrón to allocate funding to towns […]
1 August 2022

Feria de Málaga, the biggest party of the year

Anyone who has been in Andalucía will have heard about the Feria de Málaga – the largest summer fair in southern Europe. This week-long party, which happens in the middle of August, brings normal city life to a stand-still. If you need to run errands, forget it. A five-minute walk will become 45 minutes, and when you get there, chances are it will be closed. In 2022, this week of fun begins on Friday night, 12 August, at both La Malagueta […]
25 June 2022

How to get a NIE in Malaga

If you’re not Spanish and you’re planning on staying in Spain long term, the chances are that you will need a Número de Identidad de Extranjeros (known most commonly as a NIE). Why do I need a NIE? To get practically anything done in Spain, you need an identification number. For foreign nationals, the NIE is your all-purpose identification and tax number in Spain. You’ll need it for practically everything: opening a bank account, getting paid work, buying a property, […]
5 June 2022

Noche de San Juan: bonfires and a midnight dip in the sea

On the night of 23 June every year the Malaga coast is lit up, both literally and metaphorically, as thousands of people head to the beaches to enjoy the Noche de San Juan (Saint John’s Eve). This festival, which marks the beginning of the summer, is full of pagan rituals centred around fire and, of course, water. As part of the festivities, you have to jump three times over one of the blazing bonfires which are seen for miles along the […]
2 June 2022

Plaza Mayor / McArthurGlen Designer Outlet

Plaza Mayor was already enormous, but now thanks to the addition of the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet, even the most serious shopaholic couldn’t ask for more. This out-of-town shopping and leisure complex is the biggest in Malaga city and is close to both the airport and Guadalmar. It’s a mostly outdoor complex, organised around a series of small plazas, creating the impression that it’s a small town of its own. It offers thousands of visitors every year an enormous selection of […]
1 June 2022

The Place Soho

If you’re going for a complete change of look, head to The Place – a one-stop shop in the fashionable Soho district. Comprising the Art-Shampop hairdressers, the My Life Tattoo parlour and the Disaster Street Wear clothing shop, you will find some of Malaga’s most alternative-looking people in here for sure! Daryl FinchDaryl moved to Malaga permanently in 2014 having first fallen in love with the city on his Erasmus year. After working for many years at local expat newspaper […]
1 June 2022

Mercado de Salamanca

It’s been a long time coming but the Mercado de Salamanca is back – and is looking great. This 1920s food market in the El Molinillo neighbourhood, just north of the Historic Centre, has undergone a complete renovation, maintaining its unique neo-Arab architecture. This is, unlike Atarazanas market, very much where locals go. While it is small, there is a lot of excellent local produce, especially fresh fish. If you’re peckish, be sure to stop at any of the excellent tapas […]
1 June 2022

Museo de la Imaginación (Imagination Museum)

The Museo de la Imaginación is a place where everyone gets the chance to feel like a child again. Tucked away in the Soho neighbourhood is this unconventional museum that combines science and education with entertainment and in which you can plunge headfirst into the world of illusions. Don’t forget to bring a camera with you because there are plenty of photo opportunities as visitors can interact with objects and become direct participants in the displays. There are numerous optical […]
31 May 2022

La Térmica

La Térmica describes itself as “a centre for contemporary cultural creation and production”. This means that it accommodates all forms of artistic expression, from the performing arts to fashion, cinema, plastic arts, music, design, architecture, urban planning, landscaping and thought. As it is managed by the Diputación provincial government, La Térmica also offers a programme of residencies, workshops, training and support for creators and entrepreneurs, providing the economic, technical and human resources necessary to guarantee the professional growth of the […]
31 May 2022

Museo Automovilístico de Málaga (Car Museum)

It’s difficult to find anything like the Malaga Automobile and Fashion Museum. This extraordinary private collection, across 6,000 square metres of exhibition space, boasts almost a hundred beautifully restored and exclusive vehicles (some of which date back to the 19th century), upholstered in ostrich and mink fur, or precious woods, with accessories such as ivory and silver handles. The wide range of motors come from a broad selection of iconic manufacturers such as Mercedes, Hispano Suiza, Bugatti, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and […]
31 May 2022

La Malagueta bullring

La Malagueta bullring may be one of the most emblematic buildings in Malaga, but it’s not actually all that old. It was officially opened to the public on 11 June 1876 with a fight involving the legendary Rafael Molina “Lagartijo”. The building itself was designed in neo-Mudéjar style by Joaquín Rucoba – the man also responsible for the Mercado Central de Atarazanas. It was the seventh to be built in the city and was declared a Historic Artistic Monument in […]