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17 July 2023

Cortijo de Pepe

Cortijo de Pepe is a traditional Spanish restaurant, popular even with locals despite its location on the southern edge of the very touristy Plaza de la Merced. With a rich history dating back to 1971, this establishment has been serving popular local cuisine for over five decades. The restaurant’s rustic décor, featuring wooden beams and traditional Andalusian tiles, creates an […]
12 October 2021

Playa Peñón del Cuervo

On the eastern edge of Malaga, just before the boundary with La Cala del Moral, is one of the city’s hidden gems: Playa del Peñón del Cuervo. It’s a small, picturesque beach which stands out thanks to a large rock formation which divides it in two. Despite being relatively secluded and difficult to reach for those unfamiliar with the area, […]
9 November 2021

Mosaico Vintage

Searching for a bold, new look? Or at least one that you won’t find in Zara or H&M? Then head to Mosaico Vintage. You’re sure to find a bargain here at this vintage second-hand shop, tucked away on a little side street between Calle Nueva and Calle Larios. It’s a small shop, but you can find men’s and women’s clothes, […]
15 August 2021

La Caleta

Head east from La Malagueta and you will reach La Caleta beach. As it is slightly further from the centre, this beach is a lot cleaner, a lot less crowded and is frequented more by locals. What’s more, there are a lot more beach bars here serving food and drink all day during the summer. If you get bored of […]
9 August 2021

Iglesia de Sagrado Corazón (Church of the Sacred Heart)

La Iglesia de Sagrado Corazón (Church of the Sacred Heart) is *not* the Cathedral! To the untrained eye this ornate neo-Gothic church, right in the city centre, close to the Thyssen museum and Plaza de la Constitución, ticks all the boxes to be the cathedral. But, alas, it isn’t. It’s much newer than that. It was built as recently as 1920. […]
6 May 2023

Casa Aranda

Casa Aranda is one of Malaga’s ‘churrerías’ par excellence. (Frespañol anyone?!) Established almost 100 years ago, this historic café has two branches in the historic centre, both relatively close to each other. Its exceptional quality and location, teamed with local prices, means that all these years later, Casa Aranda is still very much a favourite with local people. If you’re a […]
1 June 2022

Museo de la Imaginación (Imagination Museum)

The Museo de la Imaginación is a place where everyone gets the chance to feel like a child again. Tucked away in the Soho neighbourhood is this unconventional museum that combines science and education with entertainment and in which you can plunge headfirst into the world of illusions. Don’t forget to bring a camera with you because there are plenty […]
10 October 2022

October 12th: Fiesta Nacional, Spain’s controversial National Day

October 12th marks the Fiesta Nacional of Spain, a national holiday that commemorates the exact date when Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas in 1492. Previously known as Día de la Hispanidad (or Hispanic Day), this is one of Spain’s two biggest national holidays (along with Constitution Day on December 6th) and events are broadcast on national television […]
11 April 2024

Feria del Libro de Málaga (Malaga Book Fair)

For more than half a century, the Feria del Libro de Málaga (Malaga Book Fair) has been a staple for book enthusiasts. The Paseo del Parque—among other locations, depending on the edition—plays host to this book fair every year. With casetas (stalls) representing the city’s major bookshops, publishing houses and boutiques, this fair offers a diverse selection of literature for […]
2 May 2024

Feria Internacional de los Países – Fuengirola’s annual celebration of diversity

Fuengirola‘s reputation has soared in recent years, attracting individuals from all over the world to set up their new home from home. Renowned for its unique blend of cultures, warm welcome and enviable lifestyle, the town shines as a beacon of diversity along the Costa del Sol. An annual highlight is the Feria Internacional de los Países, until recently known […]