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6 June 2024

Frida Pahlo

Frida Pahlo is a hidden treasure located on Pedregalejo’s seafront promenade. This charming establishment is housed in a renovated old fisherman’s house, transformed into an upscale gourmet restaurant just a few metres from the Mediterranean coast. One of its facades is dedicated to the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, who inspired the owner when founding the restaurant. With its privileged location, […]
7 June 2024

El Palo

Málaga, a city known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse neighbourhoods, offers a unique experience in each of its districts. One such area is El Palo, a charming seaside neighbourhood in the eastern part of the city, renowned for its traditions, beautiful beaches and exquisite seafood cuisine. Getting to El Palo To reach El Palo from Malaga city […]
7 June 2024

A quick guide to exploring Malaga’s beach promenades on foot

Malaga offers a plethora of options for those who enjoy long walks with continuous scenic views. From the eastern district of El Palo, you can walk all the way to the new Paseo in the Huelin district along the coast, passing through the city centre and the port. Start in El Palo, in the east For an extended walk, take […]