You’ll have no difficulty finding good tapas in Malaga. Practically everywhere offers these tasty little dishes.

Enjoy a quick nibble while you explore the city, or a little something to tide you over until dinnertime

Cortijo de Pepe Malaga exterior

Cortijo de Pepe

Cortijo de Pepe is a traditional Spanish restaurant, popular even with locals despite its location on the southern edge of the very touristy Plaza de la Merced. With a rich history dating back to 1971, this establishment has been serving popular local cuisine for over five decades. The restaurant’s rustic décor, featuring wooden beams and traditional Andalusian tiles, creates an […]
la tranca malaga

La Tranca

No trip to Malaga would be complete without a stop-off at La Tranca. That’s if you can get in… As you approach it on Calle Carretería, it will quickly become apparent which bar it is – the one that’s packed full, with a waiting queue outside.  Wait your turn and you’ll be given a stool to perch on next to […]

Taberna Cofrade Las Merchanas

You can’t get much more Malaga than this! With wall-to-wall Semana Santa photos, statues, posters and sculptures, there is certainly no escaping the fact that you’re in Spain. Always packed full with locals, you will struggle to find a seat unless you go at ‘guiri’ time (before 8pm). A great place to share ‘raciones’ with friends as servings are generous and […]
la peregrina (1)

La Peregrina Centro

Located in the centre of Malaga, just off Plaza de la Merced, La Peregrina is a great spot for a quick lunch or a light snack. With a conch on its logo, it’s clear that this simple eatery, with a few small tables with bar stools, specialises in fish and seafood. If you want something small, there is a selection […]
el pimpi malaga

El Pimpi

No trip to Malaga is complete without a visit to El Pimpi. The restaurant-bodega features in all of the guidebooks and ‘top 10s’ you can imagine, mostly because it’s a Malaga institution with an unparalleled location (and superb outside terrace with views of the Alcazaba), but also because standards remain high despite it becoming something of a tourist hotspot these […]
casa lola malaga

Casa Lola

Casa Lola is a chain of traditional Spanish restaurants in Malaga that has experienced tremendous growth in recent years thanks to its blend of traditional Spanish cuisine with a modern twist. The menu at Casa Lola features a wide array of traditional Spanish dishes, expertly prepared with a contemporary flair. From classic tapas and regional specialities, to innovative interpretations of […]
tapeo de cervantes málaga

Tapeo de Cervantes

El Tapeo de Cervantes, named after its proximity to the theatre of the same name, is a mainstay on the Malaga culinary scene. It’s the original of what is now a group of Argentinian-run restaurants, which includes El Mesón de Cervantes and El Descorche de Cervantes, both around the corner. Unlike those two dining rooms, at El Tapeo, as the […]
Mercado Atarazanas Rafa Esteve

Mercado Atarazanas central food market

Whether you’re a tourist or you’re looking for an alternative to a supermarket for your weekly groceries, the perfect place to discover Andalusian gastronomy is at the Atarazanas central market. Open every morning (except Sunday), this food market boasts over a hundred stalls, primarily owned by local families passed on from generation to generation. They sell a vast array of […]
Mercado de Salamanca malaga

Mercado de Salamanca

It’s been a long time coming but the Mercado de Salamanca is back – and is looking great. This 1920s food market in the El Molinillo neighbourhood, just north of the Historic Centre, has undergone a complete renovation, maintaining its unique neo-Arab architecture. This is, unlike Atarazanas market, very much where locals go. While it is small, there is a lot […]
la recova malaga (4)

La Recova

La Recova is pretty hard to define. Even when you’re stood right outside, looking at it. The sign says it’s a café… and yet there are pots, pans, crockery and other peculiar items (a bicycle, a record player and bird cages!) for sale in and around the doorway. The truth is, it’s an eclectic mix between a café and a […]
despensa de iñaki malaga

La Despensa de Iñaki

La Despensa de Iñaki is the younger cousin of the legendary Asador Iñaki. This gourmet deli now occupies the premises of the former restaurant which at the time was a sort of improvised street-side dining room. Now, having gained enormous popularity, Asador Iñaki has moved to the parallel Calle Ayala to a larger spot much more fitting of its status. […]
Antigua Casa de Guardia Malaga

Antigua Casa de Guardia

Whether you are a wine enthusiast or simply curious about Malaga’s winemaking heritage, a visit to Antigua Casa de Guardia is a must. It offers a glimpse into the past and an opportunity to savour some of the finest wines that Andalucía has to offer. Located on a tiny side street between the Alameda and the central market, it’s one […]
los gatos malaga

Los Gatos

Located in the popular Plaza Uncibay, you might not spot it at first through the crowds of people either trying to squeeze in or filling the stools outside. One of the most popular restaurants in the city and for good reason: simple Spanish food done well, whether meat or fish. Given that it’s always so busy, make sure you’re not […]