Our writers share their top tips for making the most of your time in Malaga.

We also delve into local legends and curiosities about the city and take a look at everyday life in Spain…


A quick guide to exploring Malaga’s beach promenades on foot

Malaga offers a plethora of options for those who enjoy long walks with continuous scenic views. From the eastern district of El Palo, you can walk all the way to the new Paseo in the Huelin district along the coast, passing through the city centre and the port. Start in El Palo, in the east For an extended walk, take […]

Chiringuitos: Malaga’s iconic traditional beach bars

Did you know that, on average, a chiringuito can be found every 500 metres along the Costa del Sol? They’re even more frequent in bustling tourist centres and in Malaga city, in particular, with one every 150 metres. But what exactly is a chiringuito? A Malaga invention Typically, a chiringuito is a small establishment located on the beach, offering drinks […]

7 expert tips for surviving the hot Terral wind in Malaga

Have you heard? The Terral is coming! But are you prepared?! Temperatures around 40 degrees might sound like heaven, but this dry wind makes for an especially unpleasant time and can come in episodes of anything between a few hours to a few days. So, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Here are 7 top tips for surviving Terral in Malaga! […]
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The (in)famous Terral wind

If you’ve been in Malaga during the summer, the chances are that you’ve experienced the dreaded Terral. This weather phenomenon is notorious among locals and tourists alike for its intense and often unbearable heat. Temperatures shoot up and the dry heat makes it feel like you’re in an oven. The usually mild Mediterranean climate is suddenly replaced by scorching conditions […]

How to order coffee in Malaga: a beginner’s guide

When learning Spanish, when it comes to ordering coffee, you might be familiar with “café con leche” or “café solo”. However, once in Malaga, some new phrases like “corto” (short), “sombra” (shadow) or “mitad” (half) get thrown into the mix. At first, these confuse foreigners and non-Malagueños alike. That’s because this system is unique to Malaga. Go outside of the […]

Why does it always seem to rain during Semana Santa in Malaga?

Every year, without fail, as Semana Santa approaches, the people of Malaga look skyward, anticipating the arrival of an uninvited guest: rain. This phenomenon seems to persist regardless of when Easter falls, with many processions either being cancelled or considerably shortened due to the wet weather. It’s a recurring scenario that has puzzled Spaniards for years. So, why does it […]
Luke Haynes – Semana Santa procession

What happens if it rains during Semana Santa?

Malaga, with its rich cultural heritage and vibrant traditions, comes alive during Semana Santa, drawing crowds from far and wide to witness its spectacular processions. However, amid the excitement and anticipation, the unpredictable nature of spring weather can pose challenges for the brotherhoods (or cofradías) that organise these events. In Malaga, where Semana Santa holds special significance, brotherhoods go to […]
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5 tips for surviving Semana Santa in Malaga

If you didn’t already know, Semana Santa (Holy Week or Easter Week in English) brings Malaga to an absolute standstill every year. Easter in Spain is not just a religious festival, it’s a deep-rooted tradition that dates back centuries and brings whole communities together. In Malaga city alone, between Palm Sunday and Good Friday, there are more than 40 processions (plus […]
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Calima, the Saharan dust that turns Malaga’s skies orange

Given the city’s close proximity to North Africa and the Gibraltar Strait, the people of Malaga are no strangers to weird and wonderful weather phenomena. One, which is quite common throughout the year, is that of calima. This suspension of Saharan sand dust in the skies is a natural phenomenon. It casts a hazy hue over the province and, depending […]

Verdiales, the Flamenco-style dance from Malaga

Verdiales, sometimes known as fandangos de Málaga, are a popular Flamenco-style music genre with its roots deeply entrenched in the cultural fabric of Andalucía. Rooted in tradition, verdiales typically adhere to a 12-count rhythm akin to soleares and bulerías, with their melodic framework predominantly set in the key of E phrygian, occasionally venturing into A minor. This musical form’s resonance […]

Lagunillas, Malaga’s authentic art district

An obscure maze of alleyways, plazas and vacant spaces hidden in plain sight behind Plaza de la Merced, Lagunillas is a piece of authentic, bohemian and urban Spanish life perfectly preserved among the city’s most touristic neighbourhoods. But what makes this area so special is its story of a community banding together against poverty and hardship to create what is […]
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Why’s there an obelisk in Plaza de la Merced?

Anyone who has visited Plaza de la Merced will have doubtless spotted the enormous obelisk located right in its centre. However, you may be surprised to find out that it actually sits atop a mass grave. It contains the remains of General José María de Torrijos y Uriarte, and 48 others, who were put to death after leading an ill-fated […]
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The 4 best bookshops in Malaga (and 1 in Fuengirola)

The vibrant, diverse landscape and culture of Malaga and its surrounding area has long attracted visits from great authors seeking inspiration, including the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Hans Christian Andersen, who wrote in his travel memoir In Spain, published in English in 1870, that “in none of the Spanish towns have I been so happy, so entirely at home, […]
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For the love of coffee! The 5 best specialty coffee spots in Malaga

I don’t know about you, but for me, a visit to a new city is never truly complete until I discover at least one coffee brewery. One of those places where the city opens up to you. Where the friendly owner chats away about the best coffees in the world. A modern space with organic design, kinda hipsterish, if you […]

What causes the ‘taró’ fog that closes Malaga’s beaches every summer?

If you’ve been in Malaga in the summer, you’re quite likely to have experienced ‘el taró‘ at least once. Taró is a type of dense fog or mist that is especially common between Malaga and Ceuta during August, producing a notable drop in temperature of between 4 and 5 °C. However, unlike coastal fog in other locations, it doesn’t always […]
Mercado Atarazanas Malaga

Atarazanas market, a former Arab shipyard

Nowadays, Atarazanas is a marketplace and a major hub of activity in Malaga city centre. However, that wasn’t always the case. In fact, when it was first built in the 14th century, the city was very different. Large parts as we know it today (Paseo del Parque, Muelle Uno…) were underwater, and the sea shore came right up to where […]
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What’s so ‘noble’ about the Hospital Noble?

If you’ve lived in Malaga for some time, you’ll have passed this building hundreds of times. Located beside the Fuente de las Tres Gracias roundabout, from which you can get spectacular views of the Alcazaba, is the Hospital Noble. You’ve probably never been inside because these days the building houses council offices. So why is it called a hospital? And […]

Why is there a ‘German bridge’ in Malaga?

Anyone crossing the Guadalmedina river, heading from the city centre out west, is likely to have crossed the Puente de los Alemanes (Bridge of the Germans). But have you ever wondered how it got its name? The story begins on 16 December 1900, when a frigate belonging to the Imperial German Navy, the SMS Gneisenau, crashed into the harbour breakwater. […]
Malaga airport

Why does Malaga Airport have the code AGP?

If you’re a frequent flyer, you’ll be familiar with the concept of airport codes. Normally they are based on the letters of the city’s name. For example, AMS is Amsterdam, Madrid is MAD, Barcelona is BCN, Brussels is BRU… So why then is Malaga AGP? It really doesn’t follow any pattern. It probably comes as little surprise to hear that […]