Malaga is a Mediterranean city, so that means easy access to miles and miles of beautiful coastline


El Palo

Málaga, a city known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse neighbourhoods, offers a unique experience in each of its districts. One such area is El Palo, a charming seaside neighbourhood in the eastern part of the city, renowned for its traditions, beautiful beaches and exquisite seafood cuisine. Getting to El Palo To reach El Palo from Malaga city […]
desembocadura-guadalhorce-river-estuary (5)

Guadalhorce river estuary nature park

Nestled on the western outskirts of Malaga city lies the Paraje Natural Desembocadura del Guadalhorce (or Guadalhorce river estuary), a pristine natural area covering 122 hectares. Bordered by the river’s final arms, this sanctuary boasts an exceptional variety of habitats, including lagoons, riverbanks and sandy coastal areas, which provide homes for a diverse range of species all year round. Wildlife […]


On a sunny weekend afternoon, there is no better place to see how malagueños enjoy themselves than the charming former fishing village of Pedregalejo. Located on the eastern side of Malaga city, the seafront is jam-packed with restaurants and bars, and attracts all types of people, from families with children enjoying a meal out to groups of young people gossiping […]
playa guadalmar malaga

Playa de Guadalmar

Guadalmar Beach is located on the far western side of Malaga city, between the Guadalmar estate and golf course and the Guadalhorce river estuary. For this reason this is a protected area of high environmental value, inhabited by a number of species of birds migrating between Europe and Africa. Guadalmar beach is most well-known, however, for being the only authorised […]

Playa de la Misericordia / Playa de Huelin

If you head west from Malaga’s historic centre, you will arrive in Huelin, one of the old industrial areas of the city, not often frequented by tourists. Huelin beach (Playa de Huelin) begins shortly after the end of the industrial part of the port, then continues west until it becomes Playa de la Misericordia (Misericordia beach). Here especially you can […]
peñón del cuervo

Playa Peñón del Cuervo

On the eastern edge of Malaga, just before the boundary with La Cala del Moral, is one of the city’s hidden gems: Playa del Peñón del Cuervo. It’s a small, picturesque beach which stands out thanks to a large rock formation which divides it in two. Despite being relatively secluded and difficult to reach for those unfamiliar with the area, […]
la caleta beach

La Caleta

Head east from La Malagueta and you will reach La Caleta beach. As it is slightly further from the centre, this beach is a lot cleaner, a lot less crowded and is frequented more by locals. What’s more, there are a lot more beach bars here serving food and drink all day during the summer. If you get bored of […]
la malagueta beach

La Malagueta

As La Malagueta beach is the closest to the city centre and most easily accessible, you’ll primarily find tourists or other guiris here topping up their tans or playing beach sports such as volleyball. Located just at the end of the Muelle Uno promenade and close to the bullring, this is an easy escape on a sweltering day. Lay on […]
baños del carmen malaga

Baños del Carmen

Baños del Carmen is the name given to the beach and the area located just to the west of the old fishing village Pedregalejo. Though the beach itself is quite small and can get very busy in the summer, there’s a good reason for that. From there you can see one of the best sunsets on the Costa del Sol, […]