Malaga is certainly very well connected. That means there’s plenty to explore just round the corner.

Here are some ideas for day trips (or half-day trips) if you fancy escaping the city!


El Palo

Málaga, a city known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse neighbourhoods, offers a unique experience in each of its districts. One such area is El Palo, a charming seaside neighbourhood in the eastern part of the city, renowned for its traditions, beautiful beaches and exquisite seafood cuisine. Getting to El Palo To reach El Palo from Malaga city […]
desembocadura-guadalhorce-river-estuary (5)

Guadalhorce river estuary nature park

Nestled on the western outskirts of Malaga city lies the Paraje Natural Desembocadura del Guadalhorce (or Guadalhorce river estuary), a pristine natural area covering 122 hectares. Bordered by the river’s final arms, this sanctuary boasts an exceptional variety of habitats, including lagoons, riverbanks and sandy coastal areas, which provide homes for a diverse range of species all year round. Wildlife […]
cordoba puente romano andrés-garcía

Cordoba: the historic cultural melting pot of Andalucía

One of the most popular (and easiest) day trips from Malaga is to the city of Cordoba. Cordoba has a long history as a melting pot of different cultures and religions. Beginning as a Roman settlement, by the 10th century, not only was Cordoba under Moorish rule and the capital of Al-Andalus, it was the largest, most important and most […]
nerja-balcon de europa

Nerja: the heart of the Axarquía

Located approximately 45 minutes east of Malaga, Nerja stands out as the most renowned town in the Axarquía area, offering a distinct atmosphere compared to the bustling western Costa del Sol. This area attracts visitors seeking a more serene way of life, particularly within the charming whitewashed towns and villages nestled further inland. Nerja has been a popular tourist destination […]

Fuengirola: the multicultural hub of the Costa del Sol

Fuengirola has gained global recognition in recent times, becoming a home from home for many people who have chosen Spain to embark on their new life. Its allure stems from its remarkable blend of diversity, warm hospitality and exceptional lifestyle. Standing out as the most culturally diverse town on the Costa del Sol, Fuengirola proudly presents the annual Feria Internacional […]
caminito del rey

Caminito del Rey: the “daredevil walkway”

The Caminito del Rey is the jewel in the crown of rural tourism in Malaga. Pinned to the side of the Desfiladero de Los Gaitanes gorge, towering approximately 105 meters above the Guadalhorce river, this path has earned the nickname ‘The Daredevil’s Walkway’ due to its historic unsuitability for the faint-hearted. Stretching across a breathtaking three kilometres, the linear route […]

Cadiz: Andalucía’s gateway to the Atlantic

Cadiz may pose some challenges in terms of getting there from Malaga, but it unquestionably justifies the effort. Situated on the Atlantic coast, this ancient port city offers a distinct atmosphere and a slightly cooler climate compared to the Mediterranean region of Andalucía. While the province of Cadiz is renowned for housing some of the finest beaches in Andalucía, even […]

Granada: the epicentre of Andalucía’s Moorish past

Granada is primarily known for three things: its magnificent Moorish architecture, vibrant nightlife and the tradition of serving free tapas with any drink you order. In the city, you’ll find numerous bars lining the streets and squares, where you can enjoy a small plate of food alongside your reasonably priced drink. These tapas can range from fried fish, slow-cooked meat […]

Seville: the ultimate Andalusian city break

Seville (Sevilla in Spanish) is Andalucía’s most high-profile city destination and is one of the most-popular day trips from Malaga. As the regional capital and the largest city in Southern Spain, it offers a wealth of attractions and activities, shaped by the influences of diverse cultures throughout the centuries. Three UNESCO World Heritage Sites Seville boasts three UNESCO World Heritage […]


On a sunny weekend afternoon, there is no better place to see how malagueños enjoy themselves than the charming former fishing village of Pedregalejo. Located on the eastern side of Malaga city, the seafront is jam-packed with restaurants and bars, and attracts all types of people, from families with children enjoying a meal out to groups of young people gossiping […]
playa guadalmar malaga

Playa de Guadalmar

Guadalmar Beach is located on the far western side of Malaga city, between the Guadalmar estate and golf course and the Guadalhorce river estuary. For this reason this is a protected area of high environmental value, inhabited by a number of species of birds migrating between Europe and Africa. Guadalmar beach is most well-known, however, for being the only authorised […]
peñón del cuervo

Playa Peñón del Cuervo

On the eastern edge of Malaga, just before the boundary with La Cala del Moral, is one of the city’s hidden gems: Playa del Peñón del Cuervo. It’s a small, picturesque beach which stands out thanks to a large rock formation which divides it in two. Despite being relatively secluded and difficult to reach for those unfamiliar with the area, […]