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There is something for everyone in the ‘museum city’, from contemporary and classic art to flamenco and bullfighting. 

Check out the best art galleries and exhibition spaces in Malaga


OXO Museo del Videojuego (Videogame museum)

Are you Team Nintendo or Team Playstation? Whichever side you’re on, the OXO Museo del Videojuego in the heart of Malaga promises an experience that will delight all video game enthusiasts. Situated in Plaza del Siglo, just a two-minute walk from Malaga Cathedral, OXO offers an extensive collection of gaming consoles and exhibitions dedicated to classic games – a real […]
la-malagueta-plaza-de-toros-bullring-Luke Haynes

La Malagueta bullring

La Malagueta bullring may be one of the most emblematic buildings in Malaga, but it’s not actually all that old. It was officially opened to the public on 11 June 1876 with a fight involving the legendary Rafael Molina “Lagartijo”. The building itself was designed in neo-Mudéjar style by Joaquín Rucoba – the man also responsible for the Mercado Central […]

Museo del Vino (Wine Museum)

Located just off Calle Carretería, the Museo del Vino offers visitors a comprehensive look into the region’s esteemed wine heritage. Since its opening in 2008 within the historic Palacio de Biedmas, the museum has attracted a steady stream of wine enthusiasts and history buffs alike, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the winemaking process, from grape cultivation to bottling. Through its […]

MIMMA (Malaga Interactive Music Museum)

Housed within the 18th-century Palacio del Conde Navas, the Museo Interactivo de la Música de Málaga (MIMMA) is a must-visit destination for music enthusiasts and curious minds alike, offering visitors the chance to explore both musical history and architectural heritage. Located in the historic centre of Malaga, this museum boasts one of Europe’s most comprehensive private collections of musical instruments, […]
Museo de artes y costumbres populares

Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares

Whoever wants to gain a better understanding of the customs and traditions of Malaga province and the Andalucía region has to visit the Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares (Museum of Arts and Popular Customs). The museum occupies the old Mesón de la Victoria, a 17th-century former inn on the bank of the Guadalmedina river, which has been classified as […]
museo de malaga museum

Museo de Málaga / Museum of Malaga

As if we didn’t have enough in the ‘Museum City’, we’ve been gifted one more. Located in the Malaga port’s old customs house (La Aduana), a stone’s throw from the cathedral, is the Museo de Málaga. The Museum of Malaga boasts 18,000 square metres of exhibition space – more than the CAC, the Thyssen and the Picasso museum combined – […]
Museo Automovilistico de Malaga – malaga car museum

Museo Automovilístico de Málaga (Car Museum)

It’s difficult to find anything like the Museo Automovilístico de Málaga. This extraordinary private collection, across 6,000 square metres of exhibition space, boasts almost a hundred beautifully restored and exclusive vehicles (some of which date back to the 19th century), upholstered in ostrich and mink fur, or precious woods, with accessories such as ivory and silver handles. The wide range […]

Colección del Museo Ruso (Russian Museum)

In 2015, the Colección del Museo Ruso, a branch of the Russian State Museum of Saint Petersburg, chose Malaga as a destination to increase its already significant global footprint – and it’s not hard to see why. The “Russian museum” has welcomed over 40 exhibitions with works from some of biggest names in Russian art, including Vassily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, […]

CAC Málaga

For modern art aficionados, the Contemporary Art Centre (CAC Málaga) is an essential part of any Malaga itinerary. The building itself, which first opened in 1939, is a magnificent example of self-sufficient rationalism by the architect Gutiérrez Soto. It’s perhaps fitting then that the Contemporary Art Centre took it over in 1998. Some of the most current artists in the […]

Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga

The Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga is one of Malaga’s main attractions in terms of visitor numbers. Opened in 2011, it brings together one of the most important collections of Spanish and Andalusian painting from the early 19th century to the early modern period in the 20th century, encompassing some of the main movements in Spanish art during this period, such […]
glass museum

Colección del Vidrio y Cristal de Málaga (Glass Museum)

The Colección del Vidrio y Cristal de Málaga is certainly one of Malaga’s biggest hidden treasures. The “Malaga Glass Museum” is a private collection of more than 3,000 pieces of glass that pays tribute to artisanal techniques of the past, many of them sadly lost nowadays. Located in an 18th-century townhouse The Colección del Vidrio y Cristal de Málaga is […]
centre pompidou malaga (2)

Centre Pompidou Málaga

The jewel in the crown of Malaga’s cultural scene. Centre Pompidou Málaga is the first “pop-up” of the Paris-based cultural centre, Centre national d’art et de culture Georges-Pompidou, to be based outside France. Focused on contemporary art, the gallery first opened its doors to the public in March 2015. Its inauguration was attended by then-Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and […]
Revello de Toro

Revello de Toro Museum

In what was once the home of sculptor Pedro de Mena is now the Museo Revello de Toro, a museum dedicated to the great Malaga-born portrait painter and figurative artist. The museum is housed in a 17th-century residential building – one of the very few buildings from the century that remain in the city – located between the Cathedral and […]
la polivalente lagunillas malaga

La Polivalente

La Polivalente is a popular venue in the arty-yet-edgy Lagunillas area of the city. The bar is a diamond in this somewhat rough neighbourhood located between Plaza de la Merced and Plaza de la Victoria. It’s a real melting pot for artistic types, with the venue offering a full schedule of shows and live music. This almost impossibly small bar, with […]
Teatro Romano Malaga

Teatro Romano de Málaga (Roman Theatre)

Located at the foot of the Alcazaba on the ornate Calle Alcazabilla, are the remains of Malaga’s Roman Theatre (teatro romano). Dating from the early years of the Roman Empire, like Ancient Greek theatres its design makes use of the hillside for the tiered seating. A large part of the seating remains, as does the orchestra area, decorated with large […]
museo picasso museum malaga

Museo Picasso Málaga

The Picasso Museum is, without doubt, one of the most popular attractions in Malaga. This museum, dedicated to the work and life of Pablo Picasso, Malaga’s most famous citizen, is located in the narrow streets of the former Jewish quarter (judería) in the Buenavista Palace (El Palacio de los Condes de Buenavista). The Museo Picasso Málaga and its collection are a […]
museo de la imaginación malaga soho

Museo de la Imaginación (Imagination Museum)

The Museo de la Imaginación is a place where everyone gets the chance to feel like a child again. Tucked away in the Soho neighbourhood is this unconventional museum that combines science and education with entertainment and in which you can plunge headfirst into the world of illusions. Don’t forget to bring a camera with you because there are plenty […]
La Térmica Málaga

La Térmica

La Térmica describes itself as “a centre for contemporary cultural creation and production”. This means that it accommodates all forms of artistic expression, from the performing arts to fashion, cinema, plastic arts, music, design, architecture, urban planning, landscaping and thought. As it is managed by the Diputación provincial government, La Térmica also offers a programme of residencies, workshops, training and […]

Fundación Pablo Ruiz Picasso / Museo Casa Natal

You don’t have to walk far from the Picasso Museum to find Plaza de la Merced, a romantic square in which, at the end of the row of houses on the north side you can find number 15, where the man himself, Pablo Ruiz y Picasso, was born in 1881. Nowadays, Plaza de la Merced houses both the headquarters of […]
Municipal Heritage Museum

Municipal Heritage Museum (MUPAM)

In the Paseo del Parque, and at the foot of the city’s iconic Alcazaba, a palatial fortification built by the Hammudid dynasty in the early 11th century, is the Municipal Heritage Museum (MUPAM). Its permanent exhibition documents the history of the city from as far back as the 15th century. The tour starts in “Room I”, which is dedicated to […]