First steps

Got somewhere to live? Got your papers in order? Probably not!

It’s an obstacle we all have to overcome… it’s all part of the experience!


How to get a NIE in Malaga

If you’re not Spanish and you’re planning on staying in Spain long term, the chances are that you will need a Número de Identidad de Extranjeros (known most commonly as a NIE). Why do I need a NIE? To get practically anything done in Spain, you need an identification number. For foreign nationals, the NIE is your all-purpose identification and tax number in Spain. Note: Getting a NIE is not the same as becoming resident. You’ll need it for practically […]

Registering and getting a Social Security number in Malaga

Registering with Seguridad Social (Social Security) is another essential step for anyone who would like to stay long term in Malaga, get a job and have access to free healthcare. You require a Social Security number for any work contract in order to start working legitimately and to begin making pension contributions. How to get a Social Security number in Spain There are two main ways to get your Social Security number: Online. You can be assigned a Social Security […]

Getting on the ‘padrón’ in Malaga

If you’re going to stay in Spain indefinitely, you should get yourself registered on the ‘padrón’ (population census). This is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, this can be used as proof that you have been residing in the city and, secondly, this will allow you to sign up for a number of services such as private health insurance, gym memberships and phone contracts. What’s more, the government uses the data from the padrón to allocate funding to towns […]
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Finding somewhere to live in Malaga

Just arrived in Malaga? You’ll need to find somewhere to live – and you’ll probably be looking to rent an apartment. With Malaga forging a strong reputation abroad, and the Covid pandemic, it’s trickier than ever to find an apartment or house that meets your needs… especially in the city centre. Prices have gone up a lot, especially with an increasing number of landlords choosing to convert their properties into holiday lets or to target Erasmus students. That said, if […]