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8 July 2023

El Vegetariano de Alcazabilla

Situated at the base of the Alcazaba, beside the Albéniz cinema, Vegetariano de Alcazabilla holds the esteemed title of being the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Malaga. Its establishment dates back to 1996, when Amalia Boerr first opened its doors. Today, her children continue to operate the restaurant, offering a delightful fusion of Swiss-German, Italian, Spanish, Argentinian and Arabic culinary influences. […]
8 July 2023

Espacio Salâ

With a fresh and revitalized concept, Espacio Salâ provides guests with a daily menu consisting of three delectable dishes. Located on the western bank of the Guadalmedina river, opposite the city centre, in a minimalist space, this restaurant takes a modern approach by sharing the daily recipes on its Instagram account (which the chef can tailor to accommodate specific intolerances […]
8 July 2023

Cañadú Vegetariano

For vegetarians and any other health-conscious individuals seeking a memorable dining experience in Malaga, Cañadú is a must-visit. Nestled in the bustling Plaza de la Merced, this restaurant boasts an enticing selection of imaginative, ecological and mouthwatering dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients. One standout dish that demands attention is the Persian rice, a delightful combination of wholemeal rice, almonds, […]